Friday, May 15, 2020

My 60L Secret : Hollyn Jewelry and Ponytail Cuff by Beloved Jewelry

 Beloved Jewelry : Hollyn Heart Jewelry (Texture Change)
60L Each: Earrings, Pendant, Nose Piercing, or Ponytail Hair Cuff

Special SALE Ends May 21, 2020

* 12 Metal Choices
* 33 Gemstone Options or HIDE
* 22 Heart Colors or HIDE
* Resize Option on HUD or Manually Modifiable With Edit Mode
* Original Mesh (Unrigged)

The Beloved Jewelry : Hollyn Studded Ponytail Cuff has:
* 3 Leather Colors
* 12 Metal Choices for the Studs
* Tinting HUD for the Leather


All is Modify.  (Scripts are No Modify.  The jewelry will show as No Modify in your inventory because of the permissions on the scripts.)  They can still be manually sized or tinted.

The jewelry is non-rigged meaning that it can be repositioned.


The Beloved Jewelry group has a fee to join when gifts are available in notices.

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