Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Forever Engagement Wedding Rings Sets (Updated) by Beloved Jewelry

Beloved Jewelry Updated Forever Wedding Rings Sets.
Each set includes : Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring-Engagement Ring Combination, and Men's Wedding Ring Band.

Solitaires have been updated.  Slow animation script has been removed, but the diamond still "swirls."
Updated textures.
Updated sizes to size 0 for mesh hand compatibility.  They are modifiable to be stretched larger to fit classic avatars.  They will most likely need to be repositioned for all hands.

Features Still Include:
/1 Bling On/Off (Type in Chat)
Hearts Poof in both ladies' rings.  (See note card for instructions.)
Touch the men's ring to show or hide the diamond on the wedding band.

If you have the older version of any of these rings, send them to me for an updated version.  I'll know which ring to send when you send your older wedding ring(s).  It's much easier than looking through years of past transactions.

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