Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Beloved Jewelry 2016 Group Gift #17 : Bronze Jewelry Set with Drop Stone Pendant

Beloved Jewelry Group Gift #17 for 2016
Sent in notices on December 20, 2016.  Available for 2 weeks in notices.
Bronze Jewelry Set with Stone Drop Pendant.  Earrings and Necklace.

A resizer version is included for the necklace.
Beloved Jewelry is FREE to join.

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Beloved Jewelry Main Store http://world.secondlife.com/place/8e0d0355-106b-e08f-295d-62ef2908ad41

Beloved Jewelry Ring Section http://world.secondlife.com/place/8ce0288b-8142-6a84-591e-c75f5bb44587

Beloved Jewelry at Emerald Bay http://world.secondlife.com/place/63c50608-d182-c8c6-d88e-6a7c17f75a3f