Sunday, August 21, 2011

Free Silver Bracelets

Beloved Jewelry : Silver Bangle Bracelets
(Group gift for Beloved Jewelry members is available in group notices in-world.)

The 19th gift of the year was sent out in Beloved Jewelry group notices on August 21st.
These bracelets will be in notices for about two weeks.

The bracelets come in two sections.  One attaches on the hand (use add if wearing rings), and the other attaches at the forearm.  They can be worn together or separately.

A preview : The Beloved Jewelry Pearl and Ribbon necklace (shown below) will make its debut at Jewelry Fair next month.  There are 9 pearl choices, 9 metal options, and 9 ribbon colors.  Hundreds of possible combinations!

The 18th Beloved Jewelry group gift  (the Pearl Choker and Pearl Drop Earrings shown above) will disappear sometime today.
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